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31 Jan 2017

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Whatever your stage of life, whether you are moving into the world of work from the education system or after raising a family, taking a break or retiring from the daily commute, volunteering can provide you with an additional 'feel good' factor. Most of us enjoy and feel good when we are useful and so volunteering will support and reinforce that. It is also a way to acquire new skills and, importantly if you are looking for paid work too, experience in an area of life that you may wish to develop.

Volunteering is an opportunity to help make positive changes within your community, so not only do your friends, family and neighbours benefit, ultimately so do you too. For many of us, going into a new environment presents a few challenges and so it is important to take a few minutes to consider what it is that you especially like. For instance, you may like to consider the following

  • What do I enjoy most - people or animals?
  • Do I prefer being outdoors (whatever the weather) or indoors?
  • How much of my time can I realistically give to others?
  • What other commitments do I have?
  • Can I offer regular hours or just ad hoc?
  • Would I prefer to volunteer within a group or on my own?

Some organisations can offer structured volunteering roles for the same hours each week on a long term basis whilst others seek a few hours whenever you are able. In some roles you will be in the background and in some you may be asked to step into the spotlight. So it is really important that you enjoy what you do and that you feel the benefit as well as those you are volunteering for.

Herefordshire's Volunteer Bureau is at the hvoss offices in Bath Street, where you can make an appointment to visit and discuss what opportunities there are and whether they would suit you.

Alternatively, if you prefer you can register directly on the Volunteer Bureau via the website - - and browse in your own time. At the bottom of the hvoss home page is an Orange button marked 'I want to Volunteer', on the following page click on 'Register/Log In' and then click Register and follow the instructions.

New volunteering roles arrive regularly and there are currently more than 500 opportunities on the site. For more details or to book an appointment contact or call 01432 343932.

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