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02 Mar 2021

Talk Community Hubs - learn all about them here!

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Talk Community Hubs

Do you want to know about the Talk Community Hubs and what they are?  Then find out more with our questions and answers. 


What is the Talk Community Hub Project?

Talk Community Hubs is a project that has been introduced by Herefordshire Council it aims to support communities bringing residents together and connect them to services in the local community.  A Talk Community Hub is a place or scheme where local people can access information and activities to support their wellbeing and independence.  Although at the moment, government restrictions are not allowing people to meet physically, communities are offering virtual platforms as a means of keeping Herefordshire’s communities connected.


What does a Talk Community Hub look like?

Each hub is ‘unique’ depending on what their community looks like.  A Hub could be something that is already running in the community from an existing setting like a church, pub, community centre or an organisation which is already at the heart of the community or it could be setting up something brand new.


There are a range of hubs that are currently operating across the county each with their own unique delivery, here are some examples:-

  • Wellington have set up a virtual hub called WellLINK
  • Ross have attached the Talk Community Hub to the Ross Good Neighbours,
  • The Hub at St. Peter’s are offering information and signposting via their telephone service, when they can open it will attach to the Café.
  • Putson Baptist Church are offering information and signposting via email or telephone.  When they can open the Hub will attach to The Gap – Coffee drop in and the Parents and Toddlers Stay and Play.
  • Dinedor Village Hall are offering a telephone and email service, when restriction have eased the hub will attach to community events at the village hall.


For information on all our other hubs, go to the WISH


Who runs the Talk Community Hub?

The Talk Community Hubs are supported by Herefordshire Council, but are run by staff or volunteers from the local community or a combination of both. The staff or volunteers are trained to guide residents towards a wide range of wellbeing related information.


What are the benefits of becoming a Talk Community Hub?

There is potential funding available of up to £2,500 to set up and develop your hub.  Some of the existing hubs have used the grant to purchase digital devices, set up a telephone helpline for residents and print a regular newsletter. 

There is free training for volunteers and access to further training opportunities.  

Becoming part of network of ‘Hubs’ in your area will give you opportunity to connect with other organisations supporting the community.


What are the benefits of having a Talk Community Hub in your area?

It can strengthen communities by providing an opportunity to bring residents together, building friendships and helping people to support one another through knowledge of local and countywide services.


Who should I contact if I want to know more about the Talk Community Hub project or how to set a hub up?

If or you would like to know more about Talk Community Hubs or you are interested in setting one up in your local community, please get in touch with Herefordshire Council’s Talk Community Project Management Team by email:

 You can also find out more about the Hubs by visiting the WISH website




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