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14 Feb 2018

Social Care Reviews or Assessments - Healthwatch Herefordshire seeking your views

Healthwatch Herefordshire is seeking the views about the experience of service users, customers and hvoss members who have had/are having a social care review or assessment.


Healthwatch Herefordshire is an independent not for profit company and our role is to gather patient/customer experiences and share them to improve health and social care services.

We are carrying out a project to the end of March to find out customer experiences of having a social care assessment or review now that a new type of assessment is being used. This is called a strength based assessment or review.

We would like to hear what is good as well as what can be improved.

Tell us your views.

Healthwatch Herefordshire recognise that organisations within the hvoss network gain valuable stories and insights about social care customer experiences while supporting people, giving information, advocating and signposting.

What we will do with your views.

We will take your views to commissioners and social work teams that provide assessments in Herefordshire.

We will make sure that you or your organisation and customers / service users/ members cannot be identified by making your survey response anonymous. 

We will note that we sought feedback from this list of organisations but not tie the comments to your organisation.

This is not a formal response from your organisation and will not be identified as such.

Please use the online survey

You can complete the survey online.

Surveys for social care customers and carers are on the front page of our

In April we will prepare a report of our findings that will help improve the new assessment process and provide valuable insight into the service user experience.

Thank you for taking part – your voice is important!


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