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08 May 2019

Silver Sunday 2019 - Herefordshire Events

Silver Sunday occurs each year in October.  This year it will be on Sunday 6 October.  The aim is to create fun events for older people to reduce the impact of isolation & loneliness.  Here's the website.

As we know, Herefordshire has a high percentage of older people  and isolation is a growing issue. However, Herefordshire currently hasnt any events listed on the Silver Sunday website.

Could you help change that?  Would your organisation be willing to arrange an event?  Could there be an event in each of the Market Towns as well as in Hereford and perhaps one or two of the more rural villages too?

If your event needs volunters to support the day, hvoss will help promote those roles.  Additionally, hvoss members will get their event promoted free of charge.  All that's needed is a few creative people who want to give the older residents of this county a lovely, fun day.

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