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25 Oct 2019

Safeguarding Board - Adult Position of Trust framework

Summary - About this document

This document provides a high-level, overarching framework for the West Midlands region on the approach and process to follow when responding to allegations and concerns relating to people who work in a Position of Trust (PoT) with adults who have care and support needs.  

The Care Act 2014 introduced a single new statute to replace most existing adult social care law. The care and support statutory guidance formalised the expectations on local Safeguarding Adults Boards to establish and agree a framework and process for how allegations against people working with adults with care and support needs (i.e. those in a position of trust) should be notified and responded to. 

While the primary focus of Adult Safeguarding work is to safeguard one or more identified adults with care and support and support needs, there will be occasions where a risk or potential risk may be posed by a person who works with adults with care and support needs, but where there is no specific adult at risk identified. Where such concerns are raised about someone who works with adults with care and support needs, it will be necessary for the employer (or student body or voluntary organisation) to assess any potential risk to adults with care and support needs who use their services, and, if necessary, to take action to safeguard those adults2. 

This document is directed at agencies and individuals who are “relevant partners” as defined in Section 6 of the Care Act 2014, and/or who are members of their local Safeguarding Adults Board, and those agencies providing universal care and support services.  

 This document should be read alongside the West Midlands Adult Safeguarding Policy and Procedures, and relevant local information sharing protocols.  

It is for local Safeguarding Adults Boards to decide whether to adopt this framework formally, and how to implement this framework to meet their local need and service arrangements. It is recognised that local operational arrangements and service structures that manage this area of work differ across the region.  

The hvoss representative on the Adults Safeguarding Board is Karen Hall, Chief Executive of Aspire. If you have any queries regarding the framework or indeed any aspect of safeguarding relevant to community sector representation please contact Will Lindesay at hvoss 01432 343932


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