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08 Jul 2022

Pilotlight pro bono help to grow your impact

Would you like ‘pro bono’ help to grow your impact? Well, take a look at Pilotlight. Pilotlight is a charity that brings in teams of business experts to help leaders address the challenges the charities and social enterprises face. The programmes – which get rave reviews - are free to access, but there is a time commitment to make the most of what they can offer. The support is designed for organisations with some paid staff rather than volunteer-only and over twenty five years, Pilotlight has helped over 1,000 charities to ignite change that lasts.

Currently Pilotlight is looking for charities interested with specific challenges that they want help on over 2022, including a new pilot programme which offers a brainstorm with multiple experts over a ninety minute session and an ‘inclusive leadership’ programme focused on support for charities working with diverse communities.

Register your interest so you hear about new programmes on or choose a current programme and apply on

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