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24 Sep 2020

Organisations needing volunteers - Registering and managing your opportunities with us

Hvoss Volunteer Database (Simply Connect)

Registering as an Organisation/Managing Roles


  1. Visit homepage, scrolling to the bottom look for the turquoise box labelled ‘We Involve Volunteers – Advertise Roles’ and follow the ‘more’ button. On the next screen click the red button ‘Register/Login to advertise your roles’


  1. If you are using the database for the first time, click the ‘Register’ organisation button. If you have previously registered, fill out your email address and password to log in (skip to step 5 if you are already registered). If you have registered but have not used the database in some time and are having issues logging in, then you may need to click ‘Forgotten Password’ to reset it.


  1. To register simply progress through the ‘Organisation Profile’ pages detailing information about yourself and the organisation. You will be asked about who you work with as an organisation, where you are based in the county, and your interests. You need to fill out all these aspects to be approved onto the database.


  1. After you have filled in your profile you will need to wait to be approved, you will receive an email confirming once you have been. We may contact you asking you to make amendments to the profile during this time.


  1. Once your organisation registration has been approved, you can log in and begin adding volunteer roles. This is done by clicking the ‘Add Role’ button below ‘Manage Roles’.

Please note- when creating a new role there is a 40-minute time out period so we recommend you fill out the first few fields then save, you can then go back and edit the role to add further details and proof read.


  1. When filling out a role you will be asked to fill in various fields, such as the role name, a description of the role, requirements for the role, when the role takes place, and what support you provide to the volunteer. Once you have filled at all the necessary fields we will need to approve the role, you will receive an email notification when we have made your volunteer role live.


  1. To check on the progress of your role you can log back into the database and click ‘Show Details’ for your role. Four boxes will appear reflecting the status of volunteers:


Possible Matching Volunteers – these are volunteers on the volunteer bank that have interests which                            match your role requirements, you can go into the individual’s profile and invite them to the role

Awaiting reply from invited volunteers – these are the volunteers you have contacted from the   volunteer bank

Confirmed interest in the role after you invited them – volunteers that have responded from the volunteer bank

Interested after finding the role in the search page – these are volunteers who have read your role and contacted you directly


  1. To edit a volunteer role, go to ‘Manage Roles’ then click ‘Show Details’ of the role you wish to change. Scroll below the four boxes and you will be able to make amendments, ensuring to save at the bottom. When you make any change, it will need to wait to be approved.


If you have any further questions or would like some additional support then please contact us through our email address:

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