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01 Apr 2021

No Wrong Door - reflections on 2020 and hopes for 2021

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No Wrong Door takes time for reflection at end of the financial year and with spring and Easter bringing new life, there feels a sense of positivity and new hope.

With the COVID vaccination program doing so well and the government roadmap slowly but cautiously still on track, it is great to be back in No Wrong Door and being able to see the city slowly start coming back to life, young people now coming into booked appointments, and although all masked up, there feels a renewed sense of purpose with people not only reflecting on what we have just lived through but also how we can make things better.

So, with the end of the current financial year, I thought it would be good to reflect and share on what No Wrong Door has achieved over the past 12 months and share some thoughts on the potentials and our hopes for the new year.

  • Increased membership, we started the year with 41 partner agencies who have signed up to a data sharing agreement and protocol way of working.  This has now increased to 47;;
  • Herefordshire Youth Representation, our group has continued to meet monthly where young people have captured the issues impacting on young people due to covid 19,; they have also participated in making 2 short films:;
  •; capturing young people’s stories during lockdown and now building up a library of young people’s feedback views from their meetings
  • Partners updates, we have now circulated our 43rd edition of keeping our partners and a wider cross section of practitioners with a perspective of youth work, including a National Perspective and partner members updates of who is doing what and how to access services.
  • Developing a Sustainable future: We have worked tirelessly to ensure the project has become sustainable since the Police Crime Commissioners office changed the priority it funded projects. Funding is now coming from a number of charitable sources and we would like to pass on our sincere thanks to them for believing in us.
  • Wrap around provision: As we continue to secure funding, our youth offer includes a holistic approach to supporting young people, not only offering a single point of contact to access a triage, assessment, and support process to make a difference which would include collaboration and swift seamless referral process to any of our partner agencies.
  • Our youth offer has continued; despite COVIDwe have continued to offer a safe place to talk to, access positive activities and to make a positive difference to themselves and others, whether this be virtually online, 1:2:1 at NWD or outreach work where and when we were allowed
  • Representation: Not only have we continued to represent NWD at strategic partnership meetings in the county, but we have also captured the views of our membership in 2 National consultations on what the future of youth work should be.
  • Outcomes Framework: We have developed a successful process of measuring the outcomes, impact, and measure of our work with young people based on a Theory of change. We hope this will impact on future ways of working and help others understand the benefit of youth work.

Work planned for the future

  • Going For Goal: Partnership working with Hereford Football Association, Hereford Football Club and the Police Safer Neighbour Team on the Going For Goal project which was established early 2020 to target vulnerable young people and help them build confidence, self-esteem, aspirations and a sense of social responsibility.   Set to restart this coming April
  • New Collaborative work with Schools: building on our recent project work funded through the Herefordshire Community safety partnership and our positive relationships with some of the counties high school we hope to develop our collaborative work offering virtual and drop-in services.  Provision which will offer a multi-agency wrap around approach.
  • Outreach: Building on the success of this year’s outreach work in Castle Green and Newton Farm Skate Park with the drift trike activities.  We hope to take our youth offer to other identified communities and hot spots across the County.

From Will Edwards and the No Wrong Door Team: Dan, Kate, Leanne, Linda & Rich

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