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06 Nov 2019

NEW MEMBER - Cracked Slipper Company Exciting drama opportunities now available

We are delighted to promote the activities of a new member of hvoss!


“The Cracked Slipper Company” is a new not for profit community group. We are just finding our feet and hoping our local community will support us on our journey. We decided we needed to give our community more based on the success of our performance of “Cinderella” earlier this year and the impact it had on everyone involved.









The Cracked Slipper Company is more than a Community Theatre Company, we are all about bringing communities together through educational opportunities, an array of unique volunteering opportunities and more than anything we are a support group that gives people a chance to get involved with something they may not have thought possible. The Cracked Slipper Company has been making  a difference to people’s lives in providing positive and empowering opportunities, promoting mental and physical wellbeing, promoting inclusivity and tackling loneliness and social isolation.


The Cracked Slipper Company is all about tackling social issues in today’s society, breaking down barriers and changing perceptions around diversity and equality. The Cracked slipper company aims to tackle some of the social issues through storytelling and also providing free motivational and empowering workshops tailor made to fit the needs of any group or individual we work with.

We are a growing group of all ages and backgrounds with a real cross generational feel and a hub of shared qualities, skills and experience.

The Cracked Slipper Company welcomes everyone, and our aim is to work with a number of organisations throughout Hereford in partnership by becoming part of a bigger service supporting the needs of our community.

Why did we call ourselves “The Cracked Slipper Company”, well that is easy to answer, sometimes life is not always perfect and it is not always easy to deal with some of the challenges we face but being part of “The Cracked Slipper Company” and its support network can make things easier. Oh and by the way our performances are not always perfect neither, but we are all about the participation and fun.

This year “The Cracked Slipper Company” will be putting on a Christmas pantomime at the Kindle Centre called “The Jumble Book” This is a very unique performance created to include everyone who expressed an interest in being involved, no matter what ability, at “The Cracked Slipper Company” we just want to give everyone a voice”

Our motto is” if you haven’t yet discovered your talent please come and join us and we will help you find it”.



Come and get involved:

We have a number of opportunities; performance, creative writing, media, production, making costumes and sets, educational workshops, and of course supporting and being part of the larger community.

If you wish to get involved, we rehearse and get together every Tuesday at The Kindle Centre from 5pm-7pm, everyone is welcome. Signup sheets will also be available during our Pantomime performances or you can contact Victoria 07771510961 or Kate 07812769959

 Or email




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