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31 Jan 2020

Macmillan’s Support Grant available for activities and equipment for groups of people living with cancer

Macmillan’s Support Grant available for activities and equipment for groups of people living with cancer.

In Shropshire,Telford & Wrekin, Herefordshire and Worcestershire, Macmillan’s has a Support Grant which is intended as a quick and easy way of distributing smaller, one-off grants.

That can be funds for new groups setting up, and running costs, items of equipment or activities for existing services. Voluntary groups and charities can apply but the costs must be solely for those living with, and affected by, cancer. Help and support is available for individuals in the community, professionals or groups wishing to start a cancer self-help or support group in their area or for a specific cancer.

In our Macmillan Locality Support Grants have gone to:

Setting up a new Thyroid Cancer Support Group in Shropshire, with the grant going for the costs of hiring a room away from the hospital.

The Yeleni Centre for joint publicity of the 10 cancer services and support groups across Herefordshire.

Posters, leaflets and a TV screen slide have gone out to GP Practices and community locations to let more people living with, and affected by, cancer know that there are local services and activities are available.

Ross Cancer Support Group for a display board and pull up banner, speakers’ costs and a small amount for travel to help the group be accessible in a rural area.

In other areas grants have been awarded for particular communities e.g. Russian, Black and Minority Ethnic events, for particular types of cancer or for activities such as a writing group.

Please do get in contact about your ideas. I can advise and help to write an application and there are no set deadlines for applications. An initial discussion is really welcome so please contact:

Jean Garner, Macmillan Engagement Lead, Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin, Herefordshire & Worcestershire 07531 310897

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