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02 Jul 2021

Long Covid Study - how is your community doing?

The CCG is working with partners to develop local services for people with Long Covid. To help us to plan services for this group of people, we would be grateful for your assistance in understanding how many people there are in Herefordshire who are struggling with symptoms twelve weeks or more following a diagnosis (or suspected diagnosis) of COVID 19.  

The problems we are seeing most commonly are severe fatigue, muscle pains and anxiety. In addition, some people continue to experience breathlessness and other more severe symptoms. In all cases, we would encourage people to seek support from their GP who will be able to offer help and advice, including referral to an appropriate service if necessary.

We do now have a Long Covid Assessment Service, which GPs can refer patients into and is intended to provide review and support to people with ongoing complex needs that do not require specialist support. A typical example would be someone who is experiencing severe and regular fatigue who hasn’t had this previously, accompanied by anxiety, loss of taste/smell and possibly other symptoms.

We know that this kind of long term illness can have a serious impact on families and carers as well as the person experiencing them and we are interested in hearing from Voluntary Sector and community organisations who may be being asked to provide support to people in this situation.

If you are a community leader or active in your local community and have insight into how this is affecting people you know - please send feedback to


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