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06 Oct 2020

Leading remotely in a virtual world HWGTA opportunity for leaders and senior managers!

Leading remotely in a virtual world (5 sessions of on-line training). Our friends at HWGTA have organised what looks like an invaluable opportunity for leaders and senior managers!

Facilitated 2-hour conversations to help with reflective practice through COVID-19 and its impacts. Sessions in groups of up to 10.

Sessions will be very adaptive, keeping to a broad structure but allowing for topics to be discussed in more detail if the group wishes. All learning from each session will be collated and sent to HR team and others as needed.

Session 1:  Keeping a happy and engaged remote workforce

Session 2:  Managing your team's well-being through unique circumstances

Session 3:  Well-being while working at home

Session 4:  Leading remotely

Session 5:  Motivation through changing circumstances


Objectives that will be covered in the sessions:

· What has additionally arisen as an impact of COVID-19?

· What does best practice and research say about each topic?

· What have you learnt from previous training about this topic?

· What if now is the ‘new normal’?

· How do we manage/change/adapt going forward whilst we look after ourselves and others?

· What learning have we discovered and how can we apply this personally and back to the day job?

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