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19 Jul 2022

hvoss Response to Feasibility Study


A recent Feasibility Study, undertaken by consultants Charity Fundraising Ltd, to identify the needs and wishes of younger people and their communities, has identified a new and improved model of working, which will support local developments led by younger people in their own community. 

hvoss (Herefordshire Voluntary Organisations Support Service) supports the finding of the study that young people should be at the head and heart of the approach and that future provision should be led, designed, and developed by them and their communities alongside key stakeholders. hvoss’ role, as the county’s leading infrastructure organisation, will be to facilitate this development and they are committed to enabling and supporting this important strategy now and into the future.

Will Lindesay, hvoss CEO, has said; “hvoss and our trustees are very positive about the findings and the proposed model of locally-led development, the opportunity to design what this looks like together and how it can be achieved and be sustainable for the future.”

hvoss now seeks partners, particularly younger people from across the county, and anyone with a keen interest in leading this key development through a Younger People’s Alliance (working title). The Alliance will influence strategic developments in the county through a representational model, including the proposed development of services for younger people. To find out more, join hvoss at the launch event on Tuesday 16 August – times and venue to be announced in due course. Express your interest in attending by emailing

The Feasibility Study report, Different Places for Different People, a strengths-based approach, is available from hvoss on request.

No Wrong Door, a project for young people led by hvoss for 7 years will stop providing services in its current model in July 2022.

hvoss would like to thank all staff who have supported the development of No Wrong Door, which was awarded second place in the National Crimebeat Awards 2022. The No Wrong Door team has worked successfully with large numbers of young people and a wide range of partners and have provided signposting, support and encouragement to many young people who have achieved great outcomes.




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