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23 Sep 2021

Housing Support and Mediation Services for young people in Hereford



Connexus offer Housing Support and Mediation Services to young people aged 16-25yrs in the county of Herefordshire

We support young people to identify how they can manage their own needs, mitigate risks and take up opportunities. There will be a particular focus on supporting them to obtain or maintain accommodation, or where homelessness is inevitable, to support them in securing and maintaining suitable alternative accommodation.

We use innovation and flexibility in working to promote confidence, participation and independence amongst young people and their integration within the community

 Our Mediation Service will help to prevent youth homelessness by supporting young people to maintain existing accommodation where safe and appropriate to do so and assist them to create a planned move to independence. Also so Young people are able to enjoy a positive family life and receive the support of the family they reside with.

Contact for completed referrals or for more information.


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