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02 Mar 2021

Help Data Orchard to collect the best information we can get to support the county to recover

We need the best information we can get to support the county to recover Herefordshire based Data Orchard CIC supports charities and communities across the UK with data projects.

We are working with them, the Bright Space Foundation and Herefordshire Council on a project to make sure local groups and organisations have the best and most up to date information about what is happening in the county’s economy and community.

To support decisions as we recover from the effects of lockdown. Data Orchard has already extracted and published information relevant and meaningful to Herefordshire and more is planned. If you would like to understand how local people’s behaviour is changing, visit their web page that shows how visits to different sorts of places in Herefordshire change on a daily basis.

We also hope that local organisations will be prepared to share information they have that might help improve the picture of what is happening across the county.

Data Orchard CIC would like to hear from you if you have ideas for the sort of information that would help you making decisions about your services and if you have data that you might be prepared to share to help others in the county.

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