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19 Sep 2018

Funding Network September success - Herefordshire Community Foundation and Helen Mapp, Headway Herefordshire

There were a number of great speakers at our September Funding Network event. First up were Sheenagh Davies and Philippa Spens of Herefordshire Community Foundation (HCF). HCF is a grant maker seeking to develop local philanthropy across Herefordshire. It has numeous donor funds that is distributes to good causes in line with the wishes of funders. Sheengah and Philippa spoke passionately about their support, the types of groups being funded by HCF, and how to apply. You can view their presentation here. Further information about HCF can be found on their website.

Helen Mapp of Herefordshire Headway then gave an inspirational and supportive talk from the perspective of a charity fundraiser. Helen spoke passionately about the turnaround funding situation she has acheived at Headway. She outlined the value of a fundraising plan and strategy, and the critical importance of keeping to your values, the needs of your users, desired outcomes, and targeting your approach to the specific needs of the funders, including those trustees making decisions on where funds go.

This really was a fascinating persective from an experienced fundraiser who has done so much in developing service locally for users of her charity.

Will Lindesay, hvoss CEO thanked the 25 attendees for their contribution, highlighting the value of peer support in local fundraising. The Funding Network Events are run by hvoss on a regular basis with the intention of supporting local representatives and hvoss members with continuing efforts to successful fundraise for not for profits activities.   








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