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22 Feb 2020

Flood Appeal LATEST - Donate, or need help

Flood Appeal LATEST!! - Donate or apply for help in the immediate aftermath of recent flooding that has affected so many in recent weeks. Vital recent donation from Freemasons to support the campaign led by Herefordshire Community Foundation and supported by The Hereford Times now stands at c£40,000! Grants now being made to those eligible for assistance.

Thank you to everyone that has contacted hvoss to provided support (food, clothing, volunteer support) over the last week.


We contiune to link all offers of assistance to coordinating agencies. As a member of the Community Voluntary Emergencies Committe (CVEC) we will be taking what we have learnt to future meetings to ensure all future efforts are coordinated as effectively as possible.


If you hae experiences you wish to share, or comments to make, please do contact Will Lindesay, Chief Executive hvoss directly on 07813 108552. Will represents hvoss on a number of key strategic ways and is able to feed into local and national (through NAVCA) planning and strategies.


Are there others ways hvoss should be looking to assist community sector efforts to better support local community sector emergencies?

hvoss would welcome any comments, suggests and ideas you wish to make. Email

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