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23 Apr 2021

Energy Advocacy Service

Energy Advocacy Service


Energy Advocacy Service

Keep Herefordshire Warm is managed by Severn Wye Energy Agency on behalf of Herefordshire Council. Keep Herefordshire Warm offers energy efficiency advice and administers grant funding to help keep Herefordshire residents healthy and comfortable at home. By offering everything from simple home energy advice and tariff switching, to helping households access grants for insulation, heating, boilers and renewable energy – we help reduce bills, improve wellbeing and prevent avoidable illness. Please call the advice line 0800 6771432.

Keep Herefordshire Warm also has an advocacy worker, Amy Lunt - who can support someone who may be facing problems with bills, high bills, fuel debt, needs assistance liaising with fuel suppliers, keeping warm on a budget, navigating the world of energy, switching suppliers and tariffs etc. The energy advocate can work alongside a householder who can’t face a resolution alone.

Amy provides support over the phone and can make home visits. Referrals to the service can be made by other community support workers here:

Self referrals can be made here: or ring the general KHW advice line and ask to be put in touch with the Energy Advocate. Or email

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