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01 Feb 2017

Difficult times ahead for Herefordshire's Carers – HAVE YOUR SAY

Herefordshire Council put on their website on Thursday 18 January (with no prior warning to anyone affected) that they are making major cuts to services for Carers for the 2017/2018 year that begins on 1 April 2017.

The effect of this for Herefordshire Carers Support is that the Council intends to cut their funding by half from £275,000 to £137,000 for the coming year. And worse, they say future years will see even more reductions, with the Council expecting Carers to replace this support with self-help, self-management and volunteering.

To help Herefordshire Carers Support make the best case for proper funding for Carer support, please contact them via email or phone 01432 356068 to tell them specifically how they help you so they can pass this on to decision makers.

More information is available in the attached document and within the Risk Assessment paper.


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