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23 Jul 2020

Dedicated volunteer groups keeping Hereford looking the best it can!


 In Sun

As the Country cautiously emerges from lockdown, a number of voluntary groups dedicated to keeping Hereford looking its best can, once again, be found cleaning up litter and planting up the Hereford City flower beds.

Volunteers from ‘Hereford Community Clean Up Group’ organised by Emma Jones, and ‘Hereford in Bloom’, organised by Paul Hodges, are again busy working to ensure Hereford is shown at its very best.

To support these groups, Hereford Council provide each volunteer to Hereford Community Clean Up with a litter picking set, while several Hereford businesses have adopted flower beds around the city, providing much needed financial support for bedding plants for Hereford in Bloom.

Further information on how to join, or support, either group can be found on their public face book pages, meanwhile the next event to take place will be the Kids Litter Pick on Westfields park on Saturday 8th of August starting at 10.30


Paul Hereford In Bloom


In Rain


Those Famous Purple Bags

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