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05 Dec 2019

Christmas thank you for our wonderful Community Wheels volunteers

Community Wheels held a Christmas get together at The Rankin Club, Leominster on Wednesday 4th December to thank all our wonderful volunteers drivers for all they do throughout the year. 

Linda, Katie and Tracey together with Will Lindesay joined our volunteers to say thank you for all they do for so many customers of the services.

Throughout the afternoon, drivers popped in for some light lunch, and to chat and catch up with other drivers.  

A lovely buffet was provided by The Rankin Club, and delicious cakes were very kindly provided by Pat Teale.

Mrs Judy Thomas, Mayoress of Leominster joined us for lunch and talked to many volunteers about their volunteering and the vital service they provide. 

A great time was had by all. Thank you all for everything you do. You are a great team and we could not provide any apsect of Community Wheels without you!



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