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01 Apr 2021

Campaign for restoration of biodiverse, traditionally managed floodplain meadow at Bartonsham Farm, Hereford

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Friends of Bartonsham Meadows is a grassroots project campaigning for floodplain meadow restoration at Bartonsham Farm, Hereford.

Our vision is to transform a small, suburban, riverside farm from intensive agriculture to outstanding natural habitat delivering a broad range of social and environmental public goods.

Our focus centres on biodiversity and regenerative land-management practices to deliver benefits such as

- Flood mitigation

- Carbon sequestration

- Biodiversity

- Improved river water quality

- Leisure and quality of life

- Sustainable agriculture and food production

Friends of Bartonsham Meadows formed in early 2020 in response to recent local land management practices, regional flooding, and the global climate crisis. The working group comprises ecologists, archaeologists, activists, historians and conservationists.

The grass-roots group works with city residents, landowners and managers, wildlife and ecological experts, the Church and other stakeholders to create and conserve a thriving local environment on the meadows. We welcome new members who support our objectives and would like to be involved in working for the environment and local community.

Please join us at;

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