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04 Feb 2021

Alcohol Education Trust Competition

Alcohol Education Trust Competition!

Are you 16-19?

How would you like to win £150 by designing a poster OR by making a film?

£150 1st prize for each category and four runner up prizes of £50

Category One:

Design a poster campaign to inform and inspire other teenagers on one of the following:

*Top tips for a safe night out

*Festival safe

*Tips to resist peer pressure

*How to avoid drink spiking

* Getting home safely        

First prize £150 and two runner up prizes of £50 each


Category Two:

Make a short film as an individual or as a group of young people about alcohol and an issue important to you. (Up to 5 mins long with a file size limit of 1 GB maximum)

Films and campaigns should not highlight extremes of behaviour or be scare mongering – they should be informative, engaging and be a prompt to making safer choices. This could include how to stay safer on a night out or at a festival, looking after each other, getting home safely  or alternatives to drinking alcohol.

First prize £150 and two runner up prizes of £50 each

Lots of information:

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