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24 Feb 2021

Adults and Cadets of Hereford Worcester have risen to the pandemic challenge...

Press Release: Hereford & Worcester ACF

NEWS: Still Together

Despite the difficulties we have all faced due to the Pandemic, the Adults and Cadets of Hereford Worcester have risen to the challenge made by their Commandant at the outbreak of the first lock down, to work together as a community, helping each other through tough times for both themselves and their family.


Across the cadet community we have seen an extraordinary level of both imaginative and inspiring ways to occupy the cadets, which has helped our young people to maintain an important connection with the activities that once played such an important part of their weekly life.


Adults from across the county have come forward to make virtual training environments a real success for the cadets and a place where the cadets could once again find a couple of hours near normality, while they engaged with their instructors and their fellow cadets to continue developing skills and bringing a welcome distraction to all that was going on in the world.


From virtual camps, to virtual camp outs and weekly training nights online, the adults have really inspired the cadets to stay involved over the last year.

It has not only been training and weekend events but also important annual ceremonies such as the Lord Lt Cadets that have been held online in a sprite of let’s carry on, no matter what the barriers are.


As we look to a potential end to the lock down, the County has started to look to the future and are already working hard on preparations for an influx of eager new cadets who have now reached the age to join the ACF and have been patiently waiting.


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