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hvoss (Herefordshire Voluntary Organisations Support Service)

19 Aug 2019

About us....

We were asked by a prospective volunteer the other day.....

 "If I was asked what hvoss is and does what would I say?"

It led onto a conversation about how much people actually know about particular projects and service hvoss run?

In our new office we want to involve more volunteers in the office and our services. But what would a front of house volunteer in our new offices in Broad Street say to one of the many people that are already coming through the door for assistance?

To help with this, we all agreed there needs to be a quick sense of the full picture of what encompasses hvoss. The other thing the volunteer said was lose the jargon (please!)

With this in mind we were challenged to produce a few sentences about what we actually do! So here you go....... 

About us………

hvoss is a support service for local charities, voluntary organisations and community groups.

We help groups run and operate effectively by offering them training, advice and support. We run the Volunteer Bureau, youth projects, and a community transport service called Community Wheels.

We tell decision makers about the needs of our members, community groups and volunteers.

We are a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. We employ paid staff and have a team of about 100 volunteers. Our Board of 8 trustees (all volunteers) oversee all the work we do. The Chief Executive is responsible for the day to running of the charity and all its work.

Further information

Our website provides a range of further information and latest news

We produce regular newsletters called hvoice/media/74635/hvoice-August18.pdf

Membership is open. hvoss members pay an annual subscription. See benefits here /membership/membership-benefits.aspx

Volunteer Bureau - We support people to finding local volunteering opportunities. We broker opportunities for local organisations to find volunteers. We can sit down one on one with potential volunteers. More information is available at  /categories/volunteering.aspx

No Wrong Door – Young people aged 11 – 25 can access help with information, support, guidance http:/

Talent Match – Supporting young people (18 – 25) access training and employment opportunities.

Building Better Opportunities – Helping people aged 19+ gain volunteering, training and employment opportunities.

Community Wheels – Community transport service based in Leominster. 3 staff and 90 volunteer drivers provide transport to help people live independently e.g. shopping, appointments, outings.

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