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22 Jan 2019

17 Percent of Men

Support for male survivors of childhood sexual abuse

The 17 Percent of Men support groups meet in Room 1 at the Kindle Centre, Belmont Road, Hereford between 7 - 8pm.  

The next meetings will be on 23 January, 6 & 20 February and 13 & 27 March 2019.

The support group is a dedicated group for men in Herefordshire who were sexually abused when they were boys

‘The 17 Percent of Men’ has been set up for men who have experienced child sexual abuse and are living with the effects. Men bottle things up and don’t talk much about their emotions or the bad things that happened to them in childhood.

Today, many men still live with the consequences of the sexual abuse perpetrated against them as children and are still immersed in the shame and blame of their childhood abuse. Often, they cannot shake off the immensity of their ‘secret’. Surviving childhood sexual abuse can affect relationships; it can make it harder to trust others. The mental and physical health of survivors may suffer more than most and the echoes from the past abuse are often a negative influence on how they live now. or 

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