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Talent Match for Herefordshire and Telford

Talent Match Legacy

The National Lottery Community Fund awarded hvoss (Herefordshire Voluntary Organisations Support Service) £1,816,501 to run the local Talent Match partnership from 2014 to 2020. We helped over 450 local young people who had been unemployed or out of education for at least 12 months to access support and progress towards employment.

hvoss used the money to work up local solutions to a nationwide problem of long term youth unemployment that threatens serious consequences for an entire generation of young people and the wider economy.

As the programme drew to an end we were able to use remaining grant monies to invest in legacy projects. In Herefordshire investments were given to Close House Self E  programme backing young entrepreneurs, to the No Wrong Door new Centre in Union Walk and to the hvoss ABC project.


 The ABC Project

The Coronavirus lockdown led to the closure of schools and colleges, training and apprenticeships furloughing and laying off from employment.  Young people in Years 11 and 13 and those finishing college and University disengaged early and unexpectedly and were left disappearing into a vacuum. For some there is a threat of a lasting, damaging impact on their economic, social, physical and mental wellbeing.


The ABC project makes contact and engages with those who have lost confidence, become isolated and who are not accessing the support that will guide their next steps to independence and employment training or education.

It is based in the NWD centre in Hereford and reaches out to Young People in their homes and communities across Herefordshire.

Contact the ABC team at:

Dan Morgan - 07823 412118

Rich Betterton – 07827 775700


 The national Talent Match programme was externally monitored and assessed by the Centre for  Economic and Social Research (CRESR) University of Hallam. They produced 4 final reports:

 Final assessment

Impact and Value

Comparative assessment

Technical appendix





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