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During the COVID-19 pandemic NWD continues to provide support through a diverse range of partnership activities. There are many services that children and young people still have access to them, albeit it in different ways. Each week we are producing NWD bulletins to highlight the services available to children and young people. We have also developed understanding of emerging needs. We hold regular meetings with our partners and public bodies and have gained places on all of the key decision making forums and partnerships where plans and actions are developed.  

Here you can view the COVID-19 weekly reports highlighting activity services and how NWD is helping. The Youth Representatives Group has also also undertaken a study into the Impact of COVID-19 on children and young people which we have included a summary of below.

Week 49

Week 48


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Impact of COVID-19 on children and young people - Youth Reps reports

Further information about the development of the project and future plans can be found here