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Volunteering Stories

I'm very grateful for the suggestion to volunteer and would highly recommend to anyone to make the effort to volunteer.  It is enormously rewarding, gives you the opportunity to learn new skills, experience new working environments and can lead to a satisfying and exciting new career. 

Amanda – 40yrs old


I was made aware of the Volunteer Centre when I was signing on to claim Job Seekers Allowance & looking for work, but was  finding the process most frustrating and wanted to use my time more constructively.  The following Monday after my meeting with your staff I started volunteering, and after two months this led to them offering me three paid days per week working at the day centre.

Andrew – 32yr old


I have found volunteering very rewarding and I have gained enormous experience and understand from others. It has helped me in my personal and professional development which is continually ongoing.

Ruby – 52yrs

Volunteering At Newton Farm Community Association.


I was very happy with the help I was given from the Volunteer Centre, I went on to volunteer with 4 out of the 5 places that were suggested to me for over a year and all of them helped me increase my confidence in areas I was not used to and they have all helped me get onto the course I wanted. 

Stephanie -   26 yr old