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hvoss (Herefordshire Voluntary Organisations Support Service)

Employer Supported Volunteering

What is it?
Employer Supported Volunteering (ESV) is all forms of volunteering carried out by employees which is supported by their employers. 

ESV programmes benefit all involved - communities, employees and employers.

Communities can access the skills and experience of employees, whilst the employees have the opportunity to volunteer, to develop new skills in a different environment and have fun at the same time. In addition employers’ benefit from improved staff morale, cost effective team building, links with the community and increased publicity for community work. 

Volunteering Activities
There are many ways in which employees can volunteer and employers can support employees in one or in several ways, depending on what suits the employees and the needs of the company. Some of the most popular activities include:
• Support individuals to volunteer;
• Team challenges;
• Donated professional services;
• Adopted charities.

How can hvoss help?
We can help you with your Employer Supported Volunteering Schemes through:
• Support to develop a programme appropriate for your company / organisation;
• Information and links to local charities / volunteer engaging organisations;
• Promoting volunteering to employees;
• Sourcing of potential team challenges. 

For more information please contact us. 

Team Challenges
One of the most popular methods of supporting employees to volunteer is through team challenges. This involves a team of employees completing a task for the benefit of the community. This could be decorating a room in a community centre, developing a community garden, conservation work or organising an event. We have a list of potential team challenges, but can also source something specific if these aren't suitable. 

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