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Get started : Join the New Network Group!

Have a look at the scrolling window on this page : see something that interests you? Just click on that item. Or to have a closer look at Ideas that are being debated, rated and moved towards action, just click ‘Have Your Say’.

Either one will take you to the New Network Group for Herefordshire, where you can see current Topics and Ideas. To contribute just register and join the NNG group : membership is open to anyone active in civil society. You can then rate ideas, create ideas, start new topics and initiate actions.

As well as joining the NNG - which brings together views and ideas from across the county’s civil society groups and organisations - you can also create a new VocalEyes group for your organisation.

Ideas into Action !

A simple online process which helps any type of group or organisation engage its members, identify good ideas and turn these into actions.

  1. Suggest ideas, or engage with ideas suggested by others.
  2. Rate ideas, add comments, suggest improvements
  3. Record actions taken towards the desired outcome.

How VocalEyes can help...

Digital communication is the new norm – it’s cost-effective, so organisations embracing new online opportunities are more likely to prosper while others could fall behind. But face-to-face engagement processes such as meetings remain vitally important! In tough times, we need the best of both.

VocalEyes complements existing engagement processes, whether face to face or online. It’s fully interactive, open and transparent and accessible 24/7 practically anywhere – so if someone can’t make the meeting, they can still participate using VocalEyes. And in-between meetings contributions can continue, so things go on developing.

VocalEyes connects to whatever is already being used. Not another blog, comments column, survey tool, social network or website, it provides a more effective alternative to the usual consultations, surveys and questionnaires, through actively involving stakeholders in an ongoing way.

New possibilities with clear advantages..... no more ‘complaints culture’! Members, users, staff or stakeholders can all ‘vocalise’ their ideas and participate positively : this promotes engagement, widens inclusion, taps hidden resources, provides evidence, enables better decisions. Individual motivation and organisational activity are boosted.

VocalEyes can be used in many different ways including top-down (e.g. as a consultation) or bottom-up (e.g. as feedback or ‘grassroots voice’). Ideas can begin in discussion / newsletter / social media then expand onto VocalEyes, and ideas debated on VocalEyes can easily be publicised and promoted in print or social media, with shortcodes / links enabling swift access to selected topics of interest.

For further info.... Drop an email to Nick Sherwood, Co-ordinator Self-Sustaining Network at or phone / text on 07957 348885

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Who can participate?

VocalEyes can be used by any organisation, group or community in any sector. Funded by Big Lottery as part of the Herefordshire TLIF project, VocalEyes is available free to every VCS / civil society organisation in the county – whether or not they are already members of hvoss.