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Here you can find links to current consultations, research, campaigns, and policy development affecting the voluntary and community sector and civil society. 



NVCO has published a range of guidance and resources in relation to Brexit as summarised on  the website. The UK is set to leave the European Union on 31 October 2019. On this page you will find links to our latest guidance and resources to help your organisation understand, and prepare for, the possible impact of Brexit.

No-deal guidance for charities

In September 2019 NVCO published No-deal Brexit and the voluntary sector: Preparing for change. This new guidance sets out the potential implications of a no-deal Brexit for charities, and suggests practical steps organisations can take to reduce the risks. It includes:

  • economic impact
  • EU funding
  • employing EU Nationals
  • volunteering
  • state aid
  • product, environmental and data standards
  • political fallout.

Brexit factsheet

In October 2018 NCVO published a factsheet, Brexit and the voluntary sector: Preparing for change (PDF, 142KB). This factsheet sets out the main Brexit considerations for voluntary organisations in the UK as well as practical steps you can take to prepare for the post-Brexit environment.


Taurus Healthcare Ltd - October 2019

Taurus Healthcare Ltd held its 2019 AGM on Thursday 10th October. 

Taurus has published an annual report e-book which goes into more detail about Taurus - who is involved and what they do, as well as the changing world of general practice. 

The e-book gives an insight into the wider Taurus team, and how it looks to support Herefordshire general practice. 

You can read the annual report by visiting the Taurus website or by clicking here


Stand Up For Asylum Campaign - Ongoing

Refugee Action has launched the Stand Up For Asylum campaign. Over the next three years, we will be campaigning to reform the current asylum system that, as you know, too often fails those it is meant to protect. It is a system that can leave people destitute and homeless or in squalid accommodation, without the most basic support to live their lives in dignity. A desperate lack of legal support and information also means many are unable to make their case for protection. It is unfair, ineffective and in urgent need of improvement. But it doesn’t have to be this way. To mark the launch of our campaign, we are publishing our vision  


Transportation - Section 19 and Section 22 Permits

Consultation on the use of section 19 and section 22 permits for road passenger transport in Great Britain. This consultation is particularly relevant to operators of community transport schemes, including Herefordshire schemes. Click here for further information.


The Impact of austerity - what has been the local impact of cuts over the last 6 years?

Recent years have seen significant funding cuts here in Herefordshire. Reductions in statutory sector funding are clear for all to see but what has been the impact on the local voluntary and community sector? the work you do? and the people and communities you support? Back in 2013 hvoss submitted a membership response to Herefordshire Council's Long Term Budget Consultation. You can also view our own response here regarding planned reduction in support services funding.

6 years on from our letters, despite the withdrawal of all hvoss statutory support service funding, the organisation is alive and well!

Like many in the sector, hvoss faces ongoing challenges to secure sufficient and sustainable resources for our core sector support work but we remain resolute in providing the best possible level of infrasture we can to members and other charitable causes within limited funding capabilities towards our mission which remains "to build and active and vibrant community sector".

Over coming months, and to inform our future representational and policy influence hvoss would welcome your views on: -

What changes have you experience since austerity began?

What is the result of these changes in the local community?

How has the local charitable sector and community responded?

What does the future hold for your organisation, your public benefit activities and the people and communities you support?

We would very much like to hear what you have to say about these crucial issues. You can contact Will Lindesay, Chief Executive hvoss in writing be emailing or calling him on 01432 343932.


Health and Social Care Landscape 

The health and social care landscape is a complex one. Looking for a simple guide to understand how the NHS works in England? 

Guide NHS in England

More locally, here are also some useful links in relation to key strategic updates and plans here in Herefordshire.

Taurus e-book annual report 

Herefordshire CCG annual report and accounts 2018/19

Healthwatch Herefordshire annual report 2018/19

Herefordshire and Worcestershire STP

Herefordshire Council Adults Wellbeing Plan


Framework for Adults in Position of Trust

Summary - About this document

This document provides a high-level, overarching framework for the West Midlands region on the approach and process to follow when responding to allegations and concerns relating to people who work in a Position of Trust (PoT) with adults who have care and support needs.  

The Care Act 2014 introduced a single new statute to replace most existing adult social care law. The care and support statutory guidance formalised the expectations on local Safeguarding Adults Boards to establish and agree a framework and process for how allegations against people working with adults with care and support needs (i.e. those in a position of trust) should be notified and responded to. 

While the primary focus of Adult Safeguarding work is to safeguard one or more identified adults with care and support and support needs, there will be occasions where a risk or potential risk may be posed by a person who works with adults with care and support needs, but where there is no specific adult at risk identified. Where such concerns are raised about someone who works with adults with care and support needs, it will be necessary for the employer (or student body or voluntary organisation) to assess any potential risk to adults with care and support needs who use their services, and, if necessary, to take action to safeguard those adults2. 

This document is directed at agencies and individuals who are “relevant partners” as defined in Section 6 of the Care Act 2014, and/or who are members of their local Safeguarding Adults Board, and those agencies providing universal care and support services.  

 This document should be read alongside the West Midlands Adult Safeguarding Policy and Procedures, and relevant local information sharing protocols.  

It is for local Safeguarding Adults Boards to decide whether to adopt this framework formally, and how to implement this framework to meet their local need and service arrangements. It is recognised that local operational arrangements and service structures that manage this area of work differ across the region.  

The hvoss representative on the Adults Safeguarding Board is Karen Hall, Chief Executive of Aspire. If you have any queries regarding the framework or indeed any aspect of safeguarding relevant to community sector representation please contact Will Lindesay at hvoss 01432 343932

Please let us know about any developments you would like us promote. We are also happy to receive any consultation responses you make as they will help inform our policy work locally and nationally. Thank you.